No one can opt out of having a reputation; you have one whether you manage it or not.

“Brand New Brand You” is a well-written book, an important contribution to that endless, necessary human endeavour – self-analysis to be better, to be admired and to persuade others to our cause.

General Sir Peter Cosgrove


Brand New Brand You

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Brand New Brand You, How to build and maintain reputation and relevance for ‘brand you’ Garry Browne shares over 40 years of experience in the FMCG and not-for-profit sectors to help people understand why they need to take a proactive approach to their own personal brand.

Among other benefits, understanding the dynamics of building and maintaining a strong, positive personal brand can build self-esteem in those who don’t have it and amplify it for those who do.

Everyone has a personal brand, your reputation, how others see you. What and how we wish to be seen and positioned is a creation of our own doing. It is built up over a lifetime and can take just a moment or two to lose.


rand New Brand You goes beyond your reputation. It also explores the critical aspect of relevance. Some people are recognised but have no relevance, others have a reputation and are not relevant. Just where are you, right now?

Just like your reputation, your relevance requires active management.

So how do you remain relevant throughout your life and develop strong values and a respected reputation? And why should you care?

Brand New Brand You explores these and other questions around personal branding and the intersection between reputation, recognition, relevance and impact.

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Brand New Brand You
Brand New Brand You

Chapter 1

The content of this book is perhaps not what you are expecting. It’s about branding – but not as most people know it. It focuses on personal branding rather than product or service branding, although many of the intrinsic elements of what makes a good product or service brand – such as Qantas, McDonald’s, Tabasco, Christian Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Apple – apply to you as a personal brand as well.


I have always had a passion for trademarks and brands, whoever or whatever they were or are today. When I first thought of writing this book I was working on several projects that were more related to community and humanitarian brands than business or personal branding. It intrigues me that our lives consist of so many brands and yet people generally do not recognise this in relation to their own lives and their values.


The greatest gift that I can say is I want to give “Brand New Brand You” to my three daughters who are still early in life in their 20’s – so they can help plot their brand forward.

Greg Seminara

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